Tricep tattoo ideas

Tricep Tattoos for Guys

Cool Tricep Tattoos for Guys

Tricep Tattoos for Guys
Tricep Tattoos for Guys

The majority of men will pick the tricep to fix their prized tattoo design. Part of the reasoning is simple, a huge area to show the tattoo design, and the other aspect is to emphasise their masculinity. There are tons of tricep tattoo ideas, varying from very basic to the most sophisticated, such as the multi-layered design shown above.

If you compare the tricep area with another place of body, then you find the triceps is the best place to put your tattoo, simply because it bigger than for example the shoulder or ankle. Furthermore, the best idea for tricep tattoos for guys is to make the look more appealing by wearing only a vest or shirtless at the beach or park.  It is also a pretty safe place, as it will be hidden by your sleeve when you are at work, or having dinner with the girlfriend’s parents – if they are a bit square.



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