Tattoos on the Lower Back: Sexy and Stylish

Tattoos on the Lower Back: Sexy and Stylish


Women are as fond of tattoos as men but they have different areas of their bodies where they like to have them. One part of the body where women with a daring attitude love to have tattoos made is their lower back. In fact, lower back tattoos are a rage among young ladies who love to flaunt them on not only beaches but also during summer season when they wear short tops over jeans. It is believed that out of every five women having tattoos, one has it on her lower back. There is something glamorous and sexy about these tattoos that makes more and more women go for them.


It is not hard to fathom the reason behind the craze among women for lower back tattoos. There are several spots on the body of a woman that are considered sensual by men. Lower back is certainly one of them. Women having these tattoos have the option of keeping them hidden from the views of men around them whenever they so desire. They can reveal them easily on the beaches and other casual occasions when they want. But when a lower back tattoo becomes visible, it has a mesmerizing and alluring effect on men who are around the woman. If you are a lady with a lower back tattoo, you can create a great impact on all men around you by showing off your tattoo.


All sorts of designs can be seen in tattoos made on the lower back of women. Some of the more popular ones are those having floral patterns, butterflies and stars, fish, dragon, and those having Celtic designs. It is not easy to have a tattoo made on your lower back because of the sensitive nature of this area of your body. However, the results are great if you can bear the sensation for a while. Lower back tattoos have moved beyond the traditional antlers and angel wings, and you can now have geometric minimalist patterns, as well as ethnic patterns, stencils, water colors as well as the ever popular butterfly.





This original design was drawn by the wearer after a day in the park with her boyfriend. She sketched this tree and then asked the tattoo artist to copy it to her lower back.







This Hummingbird tattoo in black ink is a safe and modest design for a girl who wishes to keep it low key.


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