Tattoo of Jesus


Tattoo of Jesus Christ

The tattoo of Jesus Christ as a saviour to Christians and an important prophet in the Islamic faith is made permanent via an expression of all he stands for permanently inked to the body. Jesus designs are chosen by both of the genders and hold the strength of his philosophy, belief and expectation inside. An expression of faith in Christianity, the man Jesus Christ himself (the son of God), or to non-believers an expression of respect to his beliefs, or at the very least, his popular iconography.

Individuals carrying the tattoo of Jesus Christ upon their skin often speak highly of their passion for the Lord and of their ideas grounded deeply in this religion. Others bearing the body of Christ may have no religious affiliation at all, but are attracted to the images he invokes in popular culture – fighting for justice for the poor, a deeper meaning to life, passion and suffering, truth and purity.

Tattoos illustrating Jesus often have a terrific quantity of detailing with added focus on his eyes. The tattoo could likewise be finished with other aspects like the cross, a crown of thorns, angels, cherubs, rosaries and with hands gripped together in prayer.


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