Tattoo Designs on Private Parts

Tattoos on intimate areas

Bang bang, starting right off with a couple of guns pointing straight at hmmm, well hope they aren’t loaded.  The design of a couple of classic revolvers colored in flames looks alright. Maybe it won’t look so great when she gains weight or if she gets pregnant the guns won’t aim straight – but for now on a girl with this body it can’t go wrong. Guns pointing down into the target area are a common theme for girls wanting tattoos near their most personal areas, two more examples below.



Hold right up, her’s a photo of – a pregnant girl with gun tattoos, and it looks good still.  But the question is, did she get the tattoo done when she was already pregnant and what will it look like after she’s had the baby.

pregnant tattoo

Back to the tattoos on private parts. Damn, I like this one. It’s intense what with the skull in a coffin, but as it’s right on the ‘life giving area’ so maybe it’s appropriate.


A huge design of an insect covering this girls personal areas, a butterfly to be exact. Any romantic partner can look forward to enjoying this woman and her big butterfly any time they get down to it.


If anyone is going to do it right it’s gonna be Angelina Jolie, with a crucifix literally emerging from her pants. Has Jesus climbed of the cross? Maybe the Romans just cut him down when Tomb Raider showed up.  I hope he’s not doing anything naughty down there.

Tattoos on private parts

A range of tattoos design ideas for private parts of the body.  The popularity of tattoos on intimate parts of the body has increased in recent years as people have come to consider tattoos as not just for being on display to the wider public. In the case of some celebrities tattoos that possible should be kept private due to their location on the body are put right out there for public consumption anyway.  Maybe its still considered a little freaky to have a tattoo in this area of the body. Below is a well known Pop Star with tattoos near her lady zone.

Tattoo Designs on Private Parts

Tattoo Designs on Private Parts






The question is, could you handle the pain down there? This girl gave it a go.

For a slightly more graphic video which you will have to sign into You Tube to confirm your age click >here< (opens new window)

Sorry that we don’t have any tattoo designs for men’s private areas, will have to get my girlfriend to look into a page for that as the thought is too painful for any right thinking man.

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