Sugar Skull Owl Tattoo

Sugar Skull Owl Tattoo

Sugar Skull Owl Tattoo

There are different types and sizes of Sugar Skull Owl Tattoo.  The smaller tattoos can represent the passing of children and infants, while larger Sugar Skull Owl Tattoos can relate to the death of an adult or adults. The design should reflect how close you were to the person that has passed and in what capacity you knew them, the overall size of the tattoo is an important consideration. It has to represent the age of the person that is being celebrated.

Owls represent wisdom but they also have associations with death and are messengers of death, Owls are also considered to be among the rulers of the night.  Combining the two meanings can also result in a message not of death, but of someone overcoming an obstacle in their life, putting that battle to death, and having become wiser and stronger.

If the Sugar Skull Owl Tattoo is to represent a specific person then their name must be written on the forehead of the skull. The rest of the skull can be decorated with bright flowers as is the tradition in Mexico, Marigolds are important as they commemorate and honour the dead. Sugar Skull Owl Tattoo’s can be as brightly coloured as you like as they also represent the vibrant life of the individual.  There should be no writing anywhere except on the forehead.

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