Small tattoos with big meaning …

Small tattoos with big meaning …

Meaningful small tattoos have been rising in popularity in recent years. One of the reasons and effects of getting inked is to attract attention and provoke questions about the design. Displaying any tattoo almost always rise a question about the meaning of the tattoo.



In recent years we could observe various social movements promoting small meaningful tattoo design. Small tattoos with big meaning are designed to connect people and to raise awareness of difficult issues such as suicide, autism, fair trade or gay rights. This tattoo designs are small, but they are designed to have a big meaning.

Equal sign tattoos




Chris Martin from Coldplay regularly displays temporary tattoo of an equal sign to promote Oxfam’s “Make Trade Fair” campaign.
This meaningful small tattoo design also relates to gay rights. Many people in support for the rights of gay couples tattooed the equal symbol on their body. In 2011 Miley Cyrus got the gay marriage equality tattoo on her finger. Other people also show their support for gay rights by inking their body with variety of rainbows.




Semicolon tattoo

People wearing semicolon tattoos want to attract attention to mental health issues, depression, addiction and suicide.

semicolon 3 semicolon1 semicolon2

The most popular meaningful small tattoo in recent year was semicolon tattoo (;)
This social movement idea has been promoted by Amy Bleuel. It started in 2013 and continues until now. Semicolon is not a stop, it’s only a pause.
Meaning of the semicolon tattoo:

“The idea behind the tattoo is to say that your story isn’t over yet. That you are the author of your story and you are choosing to continue”.

Following this logic, mental health crisis is just a stage and it almost always gets better with time. It symbolizes the turning point in the jurney of recovery from addiction. It also says that the new chapter in life is always going to begin. It is never too late to start a new life.

Autism tattoos

autism baterfly tattoo puzzle autism-tattoo

The goal of autism awareness tattoo is to remove the social stigma experienced by people with autism. The idea for the design of this meaningful small tattoo comes from autism awareness ribbon.
Autism puzzle piece tattoo normally is a jigsaw puzzle shape that consists of smaller puzzles. It is often inked in multiple colour like the ribbon.
Autism puzzle design is a small meaningful tattoo. It means that people with autism are not alone. They are part of large whole (society). People with autism are unique such as every jigsaw puzzle.


It also means that sometimes they don’t fit in the society because of this condition.
Autism puzzle tattoo has been inked by many mothers with children with autism. They want to lower the stigma associated with autism and rise awareness of this condition.

autism puzzle tattoo forearm

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