Minimalist and Abstract Tattoos for Men

Minimalist and Abstract Tattoos
Minimalist and abstract tattoo lines draw attention to the arm. Similar effect is achieved with the triangle and lattice tattoo pattern. Very intriguing tattoo styles

Minimalist and Abstract Tattoos for Men

Minimalist and abstract tattoos are quite a recent mainstream phenomenon among tattoo lovers. Tattoo artists across the globe have been asked to create unique linear patterns on bodies of their clients and they are doing it very skillfully as we can see in the enclosed pictures.

Minimalist tattoos are a great choice for modern men. They come in many forms: simple line tattoo; circles tattoo; arm band tattoo; simple drawing tattoo; arrow tattoo; cross tattoo. This style of tattoo looks great in black ink. Men with abstract tattoo or minimalist tattoo look very intriguing and spiritual. They present as ordered, well organized and often work in designer profession thus this tasteful, modern and clean tattoo pattern option. This tattoo style also suits musician guys as some of them resemble strings of the guitar.

This type of tattoo placement – forearm is very visible on guitarist and give them the mystical aura. Abstract and minimalist tattoos are like the fashion brand – All Saints – rocker/artist style tattoo.

It has to be well thought through as to the placement and style to not to spoil the opportunity for achieving something really spectacular: modern, minimalist and abstract tattoos.

Minimalist and Abstract Tattoos
Stag tattoo decorated with geometric minimalist figures / Oval barcode tattoo. Very intriguing


Minimalist and Abstract Tattoos
Armband tattoo minimalist style / Spectacular nature scenery tattoo. Japaneese style tattoo


Arrows resembling officer epaulet tattoo. Great idea. /Keys on the black background are really standing out on his arm. Very symbolic.


This lines can symbolize vains or resemble guitar strings. Really cool style. / Cross is very strong in meaning yet minimalist design looks elegant and tasteful.

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