Lady Gaga Tattoo Meaning

Lady Gaga Tattoo Meaning

Gaga by name Gaga by nature, this girl is totally mental but that’s what makes her so great. As is to be expected she has some pretty Gaga Tattoos as well.  Lady Gaga, born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta on March 28, 1986 is a New York University drop-out whose rich parents (and some talent and mental health issues) enabled her to pursue a career in pop music. In the photo below we see some pretty standard non-Gaga type tattoos, some roses on her side, and the dreaded Snake-Horse from German mythology climbing the international symbol for pharmaceutical products.


In the tattoo below inked onto the inside of Gaga’s arm, we get a deeper insight into the madness and brilliance of Gaga. Writing in an ancient dialect of German origins Gaga asks of the world “Purity has forsaken the far reaches of my valley, for it is the three horned goat who will finally cast off the retched pestilence that has claimed music icons of a talent such as mine.  Shall stolen muffins which were laid by golden hens be sufficient to appease the Gods?”

At first reading this seems to be total rambling, the mindless ranting of a deranged rich girl who may have smoked to much happy grass. However those who follow her music closely will find the deeper meaning behind each and every work that Lady Gaga says.


Lady Gaga Tattoo Design 2014

In this image Lady Gaga shows an anchor tattoo, in keeping with her originality the tattoo is in black and is below the breast, evoking thoughts of the weight of life, and portending to the future direction of her career.

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