Guns and Roses Tattoo Ideas

Guns and Roses Tattoo

Guns and Roses Tattoo Ideas

Guns and Roses Tattoo Ideas

Guns and Roses Tattoo

.A popular design and not just for Slash from the band, this page shows off the best guns and roses designs we have found on the net.

Guns and Roses

Guns and Roses2

Guns and Roses 3

Guns and Roses 5

Not convinced about the wisdom of having two loaded guns pointing in this direction, particular from the perspective of the male lover located in the love making position names after man’s best friend. No doubt any partner would hesitate at this point.

Guns and Roses 6

No feature on guns and roses tattoos can be complete without making mention of the lead singer of this hard rock band Axel Rose.  Axel remains the lead vocalist and only remaining original member of the Guns N’ Roses. Axel has powerful and wide vocal range and crazed live performances and has been named named one of the best singers (or screamers) of all time by various authorities including Rolling Stones Magazine and NME.

Axel has a number of tattoos on his body, including obviously roses of which he has 4 and guns of which we count a total of 3 – so more roses than guns for Axel then.  Does anyone even read what I am typing here?


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