Gun tattoo designs for women. Girls with guns.

Gun tattoos are a strong statement. They show the strength of a women as well as all the potential danger coming from her. Very rock and roll tattoo style. For edgy girls only.

rihanna pistol tattoo

Rihanna has a gun tattoo on the ribcage. Its SO her style!

Rihanna is one of the celebrities with a gun tattoo on her body. She got that tattoo after splitting from Chris Brown, who was violent in their relationship. When Rhianna was getting her pistol tattoo, she asked her tattoo artist for something with message and meaning. They decided to go for a gun which for her symbolizes protection/security. Interesting, Rihana’s tattoo artist also has pistols art on his neck, because of that he is called Bang Bang. Among celebrities that had work done by Bang Bang are Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Amar’e Stoudemire, Cara Delevigne.


Angelina rocks this trend with subtle elegance! Gun tattoos design.

Gun and roses. Statement tattoo. Gun tattoo design

Gun and roses. Love and hate. Statement tattoo. Gun tattoo design.


Minimalist beauty with the edge. Gun tattoo ideas for women.

Gun behind the suspender belt tattoo idea. Girl with guns.

Gun behind the suspender belt tattoo idea. Girls with guns.

tattoo art

Blond with a gun. Gun tattoo ideas for everyone. Tattoo design.

Minimalist gan tattoo. Fast as a bullet. Dangerous as a gun. Tattoo art

Minimalist gan tattoo. Fast as a bullet. Dangerous as a gun. Tattoo art

Pattern for gun tattoo

Patterns for gun tattoo. Tattoo art ideas.


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