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The above unique dragon tattoo designs are totally different and you can use these free dragon tattoo designs to print. Dragon tattoo designs are very popular with tattoo lovers.

king hazel dragon tattoo

There are several meanings relevant to the dragon tattoo. The Chinese Dragon is an ever popular choice, the meaning behind this tattoo is derived from Chinese tradition and folklore surrounding the mythical creatures. Chinese dragons symbolize supernatural powers such as the control over water, rain, storms and floods. The Chinese dragon is a symbol of great strength and good fortune for those deemed worthy of it. The dragon is used as a symbol of the strength and power of the Chinese Emperor and as such is displayed in many royal palaces. The dragon is a symbol of wisdom and good will to others.


The Japanese dragon however is more representative of balance. A Japanese dragon is connected to the life forces of yin and the yang. Having a Japanese dragon tattoo will be a symbol of balance in your life and may provide some comfort during periods of stress or during difficult of hectic times.

The theme of balance and order is also found in the mythology of the Celtic dragon which were thought to bring harmony and order to the kingdom. As such they are often depicted taking prime position on royal thrones as a demonstration of where the true power in the kingdom resided.


In the West the dragon tattoo has always been a much darker creature, wrecker of havoc and destroyer of cities, for example the creatures found in the J R R Tolkien books and film series such as The Hobbit. The dragon Smaug for example displays greed, cunning and violence. Western dragon tattoos and eastern dragons therefore vary significantly in their meaning. In the East the dragon is seen as a harmonious intelligent creature, whereas in the West the dragon is a fearsome warrior.



A great reason to get a dragon tattoo is the feeling of freedom and power it gives you to either fly away from your problems and if necessary the strength to return to battle them once you are ready for it. The dragon has a rich mythology in both the Eastern and Western worlds and the is so much variety and depth of meaning behind the creature that it should be easy to find the particular dragon that best represents what you want to say to the world and to yourself.

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