Elephant Tattoo Art Design

Elephant Tattoo

Elephant Tattoo Art
Elephant Tattoo Art

An Elephant Tattoo is a great choice. The Elephant is a symbol of strength, grace, intelligence and all the best qualities of humanity. This magnificent animal is not to be messed with, even the king of the jungle doesn’t take on the Elephant.  Yet for all its strength the Elephant is no brute, it is sensitive and loyal, highly intelligent and thoughtful.  If more people were like Elephants maybe this world would be a better place.  So I can’t think of a better animal to have a tattoo of. I’m going to be shallow here any say it might not be suited to a larger bodied individual – damn those Elephant references, people can be like dat.


A wicked African pattern, this is one inked up Elephant.

Below is a stencil of something similar.


If you want this Elephant pointing the other direction, then save it and flip it in paint or Adobe photo editor.



For something different, you could have a tattoo of Gaja, the Hindu Elephant.  Gaja is the Sanskrit word for Elephant.

The Elephant is one of the most significant animals in Hindu, Buddhist and Jain religions due to the positive attributes given to Elephants by these religions including fertility, wealth strength, wisdom and royalty.

Gaja Hindu Elephant


Take care not to confuse the below for an Elephant. This is no Elephant but a God: Lord Ganesha.  Ganesha is widely known in Hindu Buddhist and Jain religions as a remover of obstacles, and keeper of wisdom and knowledge of the arts and the sciences.



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