Elephant Octopus Tattoo Meaning

Elephant Octopus Tattoo Meaning is a sign of strength and rebirth.

Octopus are invertebrates as they do not have a structured spinal column. Thus they can be considered a symbol of agility, grace, flexibility and dexterity. An Octopus is able to maneuverer in the tightest confines, and ambulate as if it is an embodiment of the water. The movement of an Octopus is hypnotic and trance like. The Octopus stands for intelligence, grace, and reminds us to just relax and be flexible with life. An Octopus can detach one of its limbs if necessary in order to distract a predator, and squirt toxic ink in their faces.  The Elephant combined with the Octopus is indeed a powerful species.

Elephant Octopus Tattoo is a popular selection from our Octopus tattoos gallery, wow. This is one of the earliest and most basic designs understood to people.

More inspiration from this London work of graffiti art.

Elephant Octopus Design

Elephant Octopus Design

Elephant Octopus Design

Elephant Octopus Design on the wall of a trendy downtown corner. True street art.



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