Betty Boop Tattoo Ideas

Original Cartoon Sex Symbol – Betty Boop Tattoo



Betty Boop tattoos may have various meaning depending on the way she is depicted. This tattoo symbolizes women who is aware and in control of her sexuality. She is not afraid to use her sexappeal without being immoral. She is the symbol of sexual rebelion.

Her persona was quite controversial at the time in the 1930’s. She was depicted with larger then adult head and big childish eyes, long legs and optimally feminine shape. She wore high heels, short dresses and garter belt. With time and censorship her clothes become less revealing.



So who is the prototype of Betty Boop Character?

She is the most well-known sex symbol of the animated screen, the first ever pop culture sexualised cartoon women. The prototype for the Betty Boop character might have been a singer Helen Kane or the actress Clara Bow. However, it has been testified that she is a pure product of imagination.


Betty Boop Tattoo Art nowadays.


Betty Boop tattoo ideas are timeless. Although she was created in the 30’s, she is largely admired in the pop culture nowadays. In fact Betty Boop is a caricature of a Jazz Age Flapper. Flappers were the first women who openly displayed their sexuality. Betty Boop and flappers were the inspiration for the modern tattoo artists working in the traditional old school tattoo style.


betty-boop-tattoo betty-boop-sailor-tattoo betty-boop-tattoo-nurse betty-boop-skull-tattoo betty-boop-tattoo-rose

If you don’t want to get inked right away, or you would like to try out different Betty Boop tattoos placements before making a life choice.

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